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Apr 152011
Photograph of a gnarled tree, showing against a blue sky

This is a test to determine how well the WordPress search function works on non-English writing systems. This is difficult test using a writing system that is classifed as a complex script from a data processing point of view. It is the opening verse of the Śrī Gaṇeśa Sahasranāma:


गणेश्वरो गणक्रीडो गणनाथो गणाधिपः ।
एकदंष्ट्रो वक्रतुण्डो गजवक्त्रो महोदरः ॥ ६ ॥
gaṇeśvaro gaṇakrīḍo gaṇanātho gaṇādhipaḥ ।
ekadaṁṣṭro vakratuṇḍo gajavaktro mahodaraḥ ॥ GSN-B v. 6 ॥

Apr 142011
Row of computers set up for a training class

See how your site does on this checker provided by http://www.cynthiasays.com/:

Test Your Site Now

e.g. http://www.isocdisab.org/

Apr 142011
MediCaring logo, a large blue letter "M" with the word MediCaring

Give a test drive for this new search widget that is optimized to look for high-quality content on improving care transitions and patient safety. Enter any search term you like. When the results come back you will see tabs at the top. Select any tab to filter your results to look for content on those issues as they relate to your search.


The free widget was designed by Growth House using Google’s custom search technology. It prioritizes search results based on a carefully-selected list of sites that specialize in evidence-based quality improvement for healthcare. You can add the search code for this widget to your own web site if you like. Just “view source” for the HTML and cut and paste the code onto any page you like. You can also get the code for the widget by going to its home page on Google. It would be nice if you would credit Growth House as the developer, but you can also just pretend its yours if you want to. We just want it to get used.

Got feedback? Make a comment to [email protected]! What is your favorite web site for care transitions issues? Let us know and maybe we will add it to the priority list for this search engine.